Whether you’re going hiking, climbing, or skipping around outdoors having the right gear makes a big difference. We carry the latest and highest rated gear to make your trip into the great outdoors as enjoyable as it can be.

Going for a hike? Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you to stay energized and motivated to keep trekking away. Nothing makes it easier than having a backpack with a built in hydration reservoir to carry all your outdoor essentials. Nothing can ruin a trip like having an uncomfortable pair of boots to give you endless blisters. We carry over 20 styles of boots and shoes to find a perfect fit for your foot.

Going out to pull down some rocks and get your climb on? Having proper protection while climbing is essential. Whatever you may need to add on to your rack or even to start a new rack come see what we have to give you a helping hand on that wall. Its important to have proper fitting climbing shoes as well has your harness, we will gladly help you fit all of your climbing gear.